Pricing & FAQ's
Q What can I expect to pay for your service?                                                  908-907-0102

Each home and office is different, so over the phone we can give you an approximate estimate of the cost. When we come out to your home or office  for a free estimate, we can give you an exact price.  Following are two examples of  residential cleaning cost.
A 3 Bdrm 2 bath house/condo 2 floors Apx. $80-$130 weekly- Bi-weekly.
A 2Bdrm 1 bath house/apt. 1 floor Apx. $65 - $90 weekly - Bi-weekly.

Q What does your regular cleaning appointment consist of?

A Our cleaning services consist of the following task; but are not limited to these items. Some homes are different and  require some special attention to difficult areas.

Your entire home- these tasks are performed in all rooms.
Vacuum all carpets- mop & dry wood/tile floors- Dust & polish all furniture- dust for cobwebs- dust ceiling fans-  empty waste baskets- dust baseboards-  clean mirrors- pick-up & straighten- clean all door frames/light switches/doors/door knobs of finger/hand prints- dust windows-  Vacuum under furniture where possible.

Your kitchen-
Mop & dry floors- Clean counters- Clean inside & out of microwave/toaster- Clean outside of refrigerator- Wipe outside of cabinets- Polish outside of all appliances-  Clean sinks- Clean tables.

Your bathrooms-
Clean/sanitize sinks-  Clean & disinfect tub/shower-  Clean & sanitize toilet- Mop & dry floor- Wipe down fixtures-  Clean  wall tile.

Your Bedrooms-
Straighten-up beds-  Vacuum floors, Dust for dust bunnies under bed and furniture- Dust/polish furniture.

Q Are there any cleaning services that are consider extras and not included in a regular cleaning visit?

A Yes. These are listed below. Please discuss these with us, for a  correct price.
Cleaning the inside of a refrigerator.
Wash & Fold laundry.
Window cleaning- interior & exterior.
Changing bed linens.
Cleaning basements.
Cleaning the interior of ovens.

Q What about cleaning supplies?

A We have found through experience, that most people prefer that we use their cleaning products for their home. We do bring our own rags for wiping and drying. We will provide you with a check list of cleaning supplies when they start to go low.  If you do wish us to provide the cleaning supplies there will be a sight charge depending on the size of  your home.
Q What areas do you service?

A We are based in Point Pleasant, NJ. We service the Jersey shore and both Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Q What cleaning services do you offer?

A We provide weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, new construction, summer rentals, apartment, condo, move-in/out's, small office, one time, special occasions (birthdays, holidays, parties) cleaning. We also help organize your rooms and closets.
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